The saree is an incredibly versatile garment. It’s a one size fits all that can enhance and shape all women’s figures, not matter their height or size. Below are some ideas on how to drape your sari in different styles to get completely different looks.


Looking online, you can find countless tutorials on how to drape the saree. We like some of the excellent youtube tutorials provided by Geetanjali’s YouTube Channel– Learn Music and Arts and you should look her up.


We also like the blog post by Shruti Goenka on 7 Different Ways to Wear a Saree with Tutorials for Trendy Newly Brides.

Below you will find some video tutorials, but feel free to check out these resources.

1. Wear a sari like a lehenga

Wear a sari in the Gujarati style

Wear the sari in Maharashtrian style


Wear the sari in Kerala style

Wear the sari in a mermaid style


Wear it Rajasthani style.

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