Tunics are versatile tops and great for wearing during the fall, winter, and spring weathers, or if you enjoy wearing long sleeved tops year-round. Below are some tips on how to wear and pair this fashionable yet adaptable piece of clothing.

    1. If you are heavier on the bottom go for a tunic with side slits. The slits will give your hips more space to breathe.
    2. For women who are heavier in the midsection, wearing a tunic that falls just below the waist and with a slender neckline will accent your figure.
    3. For women with the hourglass figures, wear a tunic that cinches at your waists and accentuates your figure.
    4. lFor petite women, wear a tunic that is not too long and falls just below your waist to accentuate your length.


Some other tips:

      1. Pair a tunic with skinny jeans or leggings.
      2. If there is a lot of print, forego a necklace. The design embellishes the tunic enough
      3. Add a belt to billowy tunics to add shape and form.
      4. Layer it with a cool jacket. Tunics can be worn alone or layered with shawls.


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