Savvy Seller Skills

Below are tips on taking pictures of your items and how to post them on the site.

Remember, if you have questions, just contact us.

Take Great Pictures

  • Your camera has multiple settings. Take your images in a medium resolution. High resolution will drastically increase your file sizes, taking longer to upload the pictures on the page, and not make a noticeable difference in the quality.
  • Avoid using a patterned or distracting background. Using a solid, light-colored, neutral background will yield the best results. In most cases, solid white or light grey is optimal.
  • If the item your selling is white or grey, you’ll want a background that makes the item stand out. In these cases, using a soft, neutral color like blue compliments it well.
  • Try to remove any other clutter from the photo.
  • Have your item fill the frame. It’s better to zoom in the camera and fill the frame with the image rather than “crop out” the image.
  • Take pictures of the flaws. If there are any flaws or defects in your item, be sure to describe that as well as take close-up pictures of the defects. Don’t deceive the buyer. It won’t benefit the buyer nor you.
  • Take pictures of the details. The item you are selling is incredibly unique. Be sure to take pictures of the unique details of the item.

Describing your item

  • Provide as many measurements as you can. Clothes are very specific to each individual and the more measurements you provide the greater your chance of selling your item to someone who really wants to use it.
  • Be honest about any flaws including holes, rips, tears, and stains. The last thing you want is a disappointed buyer who will give you a poor review for not letting them know about the defects in the product. Your product is still resellable despite a flaw, and you should adjust the price to reflect the fall.
  • Describe the condition of the item. Let buyers know if you never worn the item, worn it once, or worn it more than once. At Amma’s Closet, we have 4 ways to describe the condition of our item:
    • Brand New With Tags: Never worn, never used. The tag is still on the item. 
    • Brand New Without Tags: Never worn, never used. The price tag is not on the item. 
    • Like New: Item has been worn once or twice.
    • Used- Very Good: Item may have been worn a few times but is still in good condition
    • Used-Good: Item may have been worn a few times and shows some wear. This item is “wearable.”
    • Used-Poor: Item has rips and holes. May need a seamstress or someone to fix it up
  • Remember to describe the attributes of your item including color, condition, fabric, and the number of pieces in the item. Does your saree have a blouse that you are also selling? That is 2 pieces. Are you selling a full three-piece salwar or a two-piece salwar with a top and bottom and the shawl is missing? Note that.