Steps for Becoming a Seller

  1. Apply through the My Account to become a seller. Please read the Vendor Agreement carefully to make sure you agree to the terms.
  2. Wait 48 hours for approval. We want to make sure we don’t have any fraudulent sellers here at Amma’s Closet.
  3. Read suggestions listed on “Selling Tips” to help sell your items successfully.
  4. Post your items on the site. You can do this on the Seller’s Dashboard or Shop Settings.
  5. After a buyer receives your item and is satisfied with the purchase, Amma’s Closet, LLC will release the funds to your account you put on file. This can take up to 10 business days. So please be patient.
  6. Amma’s Closet will take a 7% commission of any item that you list. It’s free to list your item
  7. Additionally, if you choose to use Stripe or Paypal, they may charge a separate fee from our commission.

Common Questions

How do I get paid?

    We have 2 platforms for getting paid: PayPal and stripe. See more information below about stripe.

What is Stripe?

    Stripe is the platform we have chosen to process credit cards. By accepting credit card payments, we are allowing more users to purchase products through this site. Stripe does take a commission. As of this writing, they take 2.9%+ 30 cents per successful credit charge. This charge is separate from the 7% commission we charge. If you want Stripe to process credit cards, you agree to the following:
    You will need to create and maintain your Stripe account.
    You will need to handle chargebacks and customer service issues. We will contact you to mediate the process.
    By using Stripe, you agree to pay the stripe fees, 2.9% +30 cents per successful credit charge.
    You agree and pay the 7% commission we charge, in addition to the Stripe fee

Can I opt for no credit cards?

    Yes, you can but we discourage it. Credit cards help increase sales because more buyers want to purchase items through credit cards for security, limiting fraud, etc. Yes, our credit card vendor, Stripe, takes commission, but it’s a small percentage and fee.

What are your shipping options?

    You are allowed to ship items the way you want. In your dashboard, you can specify your own shipping method and communicate that to sellers.

Can I ship internationally?

    As of now, we don’t allow international shipping for items. Shipping is within the US only.

How do I post pictures?

    You can post pictures of your items through the Seller’s Dashboard or the Shop Settings. The Seller’s Dashboard is more user-friendly. You can post up to 5 photos for each item.

Can I give coupons separate from the coupons you provide through Amma’s Closet?

    Yes, you can provide coupons for your store.

Can I post my business site on my items?

    Yes, you can provide your business web address. We ask that you not solicit customers because they may get annoyed with you. Contact us if you are interested in promoting your website or store for a low fee.
    If you are having troubles with a buyer, you can reach us at We will work with you and the buyer to have a positive experience with us at Amma’s Closet.