Become a savvy seller by…

Taking great pictures of your items can help sell your items. 
Describing your item accurately will help you sell more things now and in the future. 
If your camera has multiple settings, take the image in a medium resolution. High resolution will drastically increase your files size, which will make the images take longer to load on your listing page, without any noticeable difference in quality. 
Avoid using a patterned or distracting background. Using a solid, light-colored, neutral background will yield the best results. In most cases, solid white or light grey are optimal.
If the item your selling is white or grey, you’ll want a background that makes the item stand out. In these cases, using a soft, neutral color like blue complements it well.
If you can’t take the photo on a plain background (such as a bed, wall, or solid cloth), try to remove any other clutter from the photo. You can include other accessories that are included in the listing, but never include items that aren’t listed together.
Have your item fill the frame. It’s better to zoom in and fill the frame with the image rather than “crop out” the image. 
If there are any flaws or defects in your item, be sure to describe that as well as take close-up pictures of the defects. Don’t deceive the buyer. It won’t benefit the buyer nor you. 
The item you are selling is incredibly unique. So be sure to take pictures of the unique details of the item. 
Be honest about any flaws including holes, rips, tears, and stains. The last thing you want is a disappointed buyer who will give you a poor review for not letting them know about the defects in the product. 
Every item you sell is unique. So describe what makes that item outstanding. Is it the gold embroidery work? Is it the sequin? Give as much detail as you can. 
Describe the condition of the item. Let buyers know if you never worn the item, worn it once, or worn it more than once.
Remember to describe the attributes of your item including color, condition (see a more detailed suggestion), fabric, and number of pieces.