Have a question? Check out our common frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer, you are always welcome to contact us (contact@ammascloset.com) and we will aim to have a response for you in 72 hours.

1.Can I refund my purchase?

At Amma’s Closet, we want both buyers and sellers to have a positive experience. Please contact us at and we will answer your refund on a case-by-case basis. You have 7 business days from receiving the item to return it.

2. How is my refund processed?

Your refunds will usually be processed via Paypal or Stripe, depending on the payment information you provided.  Once you receive notice from us that your refund has been accepted, you should see a deposit in Paypal within 7 business days.

3. What if I received the wrong item?

If you received the wrong item or the item you were provided was not described as the one that is listed, please contact us. We want you to be happy with your purchase.

4. How do I add items to my wishlist?

You can add items you are interested in to your wishlist. Just add the item to your “wishlist.”

5. How do I compare items?

While looking through the closet, you can compare items. Just hit the “compare” button on the product page.

6. What if I have problems with the seller?

If you are experiencing any problems with a seller, please contact us directly via phone or e-mail and as soon as possible. We will work with the seller to resolve any issues. We want both buyers and sellers to have positive experiences on using our site.