About Us

Welcome to Amma’s Closet, the website dedicated to buying and selling used South Asian clothing. Our goal with this website is to make your efforts in buying and selling the best service possible.

We are a small team dedicated to helping you deal with any problems you may have from posting items to dealing with issues ordering to shipping.

When you buy from us, we want you to satisfied with your purchases. Go to our “Buyer’s FAQ” page for our most frequently asked questions.

When you sell, we want you to be as successful as possible in selling your item. See the  “Seller’s FAQ”, “Selling Tips”, and “Condition Guidelines” pages to maximize your selling capabilities.


Picture of founder, Tajrina Hai
Picture of founder, Tajrina Hai


The idea was conceived in 2012, when a friend and I realized how many sarees/saris and other used Indian clothing our mothers had in their closets.

Unused and unworn, we thought, “What a shame!” I tried selling my own mother’s saris on Ebay, Amazon, and Craigslist but found that these websites took a large commission or there weren’t enough buyers.

And so began the journey to create a website.

We won’t go into the story of our successes and challenges; we actually have a separate website, entrepreneurstruggles.com, that documents our day by day, month by month, and year by year journey to create this website. Why document my journey? Because I rarely found blogs that shared the struggles entrepreneurs face and overcome as they are experiencing the journey. Most of the stories you hear about entrepreneurs are after they achieved success. What about the ones that weren’t successful? Were there things they did or didn’t do? This blog describes that journey in real time.


Company Mission

  • We want to globalize fashion from all over the world and this website is dedicated to globalizing South Asian fashion
  • We are a social-entrepreneurship venture aiming to help more women and girls get skills and jobs in technology
  • We want everyone, worldwide, to enjoy wearing South Asian clothing. We believe these are beautiful garments that can be enjoyed by anyone!
  • We are a diverse, open company culture dedicated to respecting, hearing, and treating all individuals fairly