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We will talk about everything from the history of South Asian clothing to how to wear them in different styles to repurposing them.

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  • Convert your sari into a beach dress!

    Did you know you can restyle your sari into a beach dress? Thanks to Pallavi Acharya for posting a great youtube video on how to
  • Tunic with a jacket on top

    Ways to Wear a Tunic

    As the nights get longer, the days get shorter, and the temperatures cool, we bust out our long-sleeved tops. The tunic is a great piece
  • Women washing vegetables and utensils using sari filters

    Turn your sari into a water filter

    Photo courtesy of Anwar Huq, University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, Baltimore, Maryland, United States Today’s blog is about how the sari can help reduce cholera.
  • Can Non South Asians wear South Asian Clothing? We say “yes”

    Outside of celebrities and perhaps South Asian weddings, many non-South Asians have anecdotally expressed that while they love saris, salwars, and lehengas they feel foolish
  • Image courtesy of: By Raja Ravi Varma - Not stated by uploader, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=347234

    Different ways to wear a sari

    The sari is an incredibly versatile garment. It’s a one size fits all that can enhance and shape all women’s figures, not matter their height
  • salwar with pant example

    Wearing the Salwar in the Office

    What are some different ways you can wear a salwar in the office? The salwar is a versatile piece that can be worn in the office since it has good coverage and is clean, professional, and sleek.